Jul 31, 2012

Conversation With My Twenty Four years old self

Me: Hello the old me..

24 : Hell..OO 23! Don't say I'm old, I'm just one years older than you now!

Me: Hahaha.. Easy girl.. ups.. We will meet soon, right?  

24 : If you say, eleven months and twelve days as soon, than you know what to do now right?

Me: No. I don't, man. I'm still on the crossroads or maybe, I'm stuck, dear. Actually that's why I call you.

24: What's up, dear?

Me: May I know, who am I on that age? My job? Where I work? Am I still an outsource? How about my parents?

24: ...

Me: Why you just keep silent?

24: ...

Me: Answer me! How about my relationship? Will I still with him? Am I still like this? Push him too much?

Me: How about our size? Still in this size or bigger? Please don't tell me it bigger. hahaha

24: ...

Me: How about my parents? Still I have them both? I think yes, they still strong. Strong enough to fighting, right?

24: ...

Me: You don't have any answer? Or I will be die before that age? 

24: Maybe..

Me: So you answer me from heaven or hell?

24: ...

Me: Answer me, stupid!

24: Yeah... you just called your self stupid. Yes you are stupid! How dare you ask me about your future? If I tell you that you will be place in the office where you love much now, what will you do?
You will stop, right? Stop do your best, for your self. If I told you,you still on the same size. I know you will never start your diet anymore! 
If I say, your boyfriend already with the other woman, you will break with him now, right? So you don't get hurt in your 24 years old?

Me: ...

24: Now you just keep silent, right? FYI, I will never exist if you don't try to make me exist! You must do something for your better 24, dear. It's not me who pray for you, your 25, 26,27, 28, 35, 45, 85, event your 100 pray for the opportunity to meet you in the healthy body and mind, happiness, and not only us. Your future husband - If your boyfriend don't want you as his wife- trust me, this man better than him. Your children,  your home, your grandchildren, your parents.

It's on your hand, it's your decision, wanna the better one? Do the best one. O ya, I hope you never forget HIM. I'll not tell you, how great is our God, you already know it and you already fell it. Still now, your talk with me. 

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